Hi Friends,

Well, Christmas has once again come and gone. What a great time to spend with family and friends. All the Perrys were home this year. God has been so good to us as a family. What a joy to see all the kids running around playing. Brings back a lot of childhood memories.

Mary and I pray that everyone had a great Christmas! Knowing that God loved us so much to wrap the greatest gift ever given and send him to be the sacrifice for our sins is so humbling.

We are getting geared back up and ready to start what looks like so far our biggest year ever. I pray that God will use us this year mightly to bring lost people to the saving knowledge of our wonderful Lord.

Hope everyone will be on the lookout for our new recording project. We were in the studio over the Christmas break and finally, we have finished it and now we are just waiting for the CDs to be delivered from the plant to us. The title of our new project is God’s Been Good. It has a little something for everyone. This year we have included our granddaughters on the recording. Jaida is singing the Star Spangled Banner and Mia does prayer and they both do the pledge together. Mary and I are doing 3 or 4 songs as a Duet for those of you who have requested we do more duets together. I really think its the best all around recording project I’ve done since I left my family (The Perrys). We also dedicated this project to some folks that have helped keep the ministry going. Ken and Pansy Tate, Keeno and Betty King and Ron Cooke. I know that there are a lot of others that have helped out so much and we are thankful for each of you. Without the help of God’s people, our ministry could not continue. Thank you all for all the prayers and support.

Well, I better run, for now, hope you all will follow us on our RandyPerryMinistries facebook. Our schedule is posted on there weekly.

As the old comedian, Red Skelton used to say “May God Take a Liking to You”

Randy & Mary Perry