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Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through word and song in full-time evangelism

Fun Facts About Randy

Personal Information

  • Name: Randy Gene Perry
  • Date of Birth: 2/18/61
  • Place Of Birth: Eustis, FL
  • Residence: Dahlonega, GA
  • Place Where You Were Saved: Mill Creek Baptist Church
  • Children: Krisi Pilling
  • Parents: George and Fannie Perry
  • Siblings: Johnny, Debra, Libbi, Rachel, & George

Favorite Things

  • Restaurant: Deep South BBQ, Arcadia, FL
  • Past Time: Fishing, Softball, Racing
  • Songs: ``I’ll Be A Friend To Jesus,`` ``He Forgives and Forgets`` (Krisi Perry Pilling)
  • Bible Verse: Psalm 40:1-9
  • Vacation Spot: Eleuthera, Bahamas
  • Musicians: Matthew Holt (Gaithers), David Johnson
  • Performers: Squire Parsons, Tennessee Ernie Ford
  • Groups: Perrys, Greater Vision, Four Him
  • Foods: Fried Squash, Sweet Potato Casserole (FULL of Pecans!)
  • Dessert: Homemade blackberry cobbler
  • Candy: chic-0-stick
  • Drink: Dr. Pepper
  • Snack: Honey Bun
  • TV Program: Andy Griffith, Blue Bloods
  • Store: Baptist Book Store, Men's Warehouse
  • Place To Stay: my house!
  • Ice Cream: Homemade Blackberry
  • Vehicle: Ford 150 Pickup
  • Sports: NCAA Football (SEC Rules!), Atlanta Braves, NASCAR
  • Teams: GA Bulldogs, Braves

Last but Not Least!

  • Other Talents: Diesel Mechanic (it's a good thing huh!?)
  • Shoe Size: 7 1/2
  • Person you would like to be like: My Dad (George Perry)
  • Things you dislike about the road: I'm the only Driver!
  • What makes the road worthwhile: seeing people's lives changed!
  • Your Favorite Childhood Memory: Going to work with my Dad in the summer's, going fishing
  • Most embarrassing moment: Preaching an entire message with my zipper down!

Fun Facts About Mary

Personal Information

  • Name: Mary Lynn Perry
  • Position: Wife, Singer, Secretary (Office Manager)
  • How Long: on the road full-time since 2000
  • Date of Birth: March 15th
  • Place Of Birth: Arcadia, FL
  • Residence: Dahlonega, GA
  • Place Where You Were Saved: Nocatee Church of God
  • Children: Step-Daughter, Krisi Perry Pilling
  • Parents: David & Charlotte Brown
  • Siblings: Kathryn, Ronnie & Teresa

Favorite Things

  • Bible Verse: Psalms 37:23-28
  • Restaurant: Cattleman Steakhouse, Lakeland, FL
  • Past Time: reading, shopping, playing with our granddaughter
  • Vacation Spot: Boca Grande, FL
  • Groups: The Perrys
  • Foods: Seafood and Country Cooking
  • Dessert: Homemade Ice Cream, anything chocolate
  • Soda: Coca-Cola
  • TV Program: King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond (reruns)
  • Store: any Christian Bookstores & Hallmark, Steinmart, Kirkland, Macy's
  • Place To Stay: on a secluded beach
  • Ice Cream: Pineapple & Chocolate
  • Sports: College Football---``GO GATORS``. Let me say that I do like the George Bulldogs only if they are not playing Florida!

Last but Not Least!

  • Person that inspired me the most: My family especially my Dad & Mom. Why? They have been the rock in my life by giving me love and support through the good and bad times of my life. Most of all they taught me growing up that Jesus Christ is the only way.
  • Things you dislike about the road: Being gone from home A LOT!
  • What makes the road worthwhile: Seeing broken lives restored, hearts mended and most of all seeing souls saved.
  • Your Favorite Childhood Memory: Going to watch the Passion Play with my church and attending Sunday school
  • Most embarrassing moment: If you know Randy at all, you know that he doesn't hold back any stories about me. He especially loves to tell the one about the women in my home church not believing in shaving their legs. He goes onto say, ``You should have seen us on our wedding night, me trying to teach my wife how to shave her LEGS!``
    BUT IT'S NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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